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Who are we?

We're Poncho. And we're helping our fellow Australians protect against uncertainty with easier, better and smarter car insurance. How, you ask? Take a look below.

  • Just like a monthly subscription

    A policy that works similar to a monthly subscription, with Poncho, you pay for insurance if and when you need it.

  • No lock-in’s, no cancellation fees, just flexibility

    Leave whenever you want. With no lock-in contracts, no cancellation fees, we put you in the driver’s seat.

  • We’ve included some extras

    No more “if-I-add-this-then-that”. Because we’ve gone ahead and included a range of popular extras.

  • Windscreen and sunroof

    Damaged windscreens, sunroofs and window glass - we’ll fix them for free if they are accidentally broken and your car isn’t damaged. No contribution needed.

  • One policy for multi-car households

    Apply for multiple cars and drivers under one policy. Simply assign drivers through our online portal and modify as needed.

  • Visual Guide

    No jargon. We’ve made the details easier and uncomplicated with a visual guide to insurance cover.

  • Life Guarantee on Repairs

    Any work done on your car (authorised by us) has a Poncho guarantee of workmanship and materials used.

  • 24/7 Claim Support

    Good mates have each other’s back. Which is why with Poncho, you’ll have us 24/7, on each day that ends in “y”.

  • Car valuations by independent valuer

    Your car valuation is calculated using industry-leading valuer Redbook, and other data provided by you.

  • If we can’t repair it, it’s on us

    If your car can’t be repaired after a covered event or is stolen and can’t be recovered, and clocks under 15,000km? New car’s on us.

  • Keeping contribution, simple

    $800 for drivers on the policy, $3,000 when it's an unlisted driver. Bonus? You’ll only be charged once per claim.

  • Choose car hire or other transport

    Car being repaired due to a claim? We’ll pay your hire car or transport of choice (up to $50 p/day) for up to 14 days.

View even more goodies

Bye-bye yearly contracts. Hello freedom.

illustration of a lady clicking to confirm her insurance policy

Say hello to a policy that works just like a monthly subscription. No extra fees. No lock-in contracts. End of story. Change your policy as often as you want. Or cancel it whenever you wish (although we think you'll love it so much you won't want to). It's insurance, with more flexibility than a yoga instructor.

The bells and whistles

illustration of a car and bus being pointed at the same person

Poncho is cover with the bells and whistles included - your cover is a one-man-band. 'Cause who wants to think they've got their cover sorted, only to find out you now need to add this extra thing to cover that. Oh, and now, you need to find something (important) to remove cause it's blown the budget (*sigh*). We cover it all under the one policy, with one transparent premium. We've got you completely Poncho'd, so you can say adios to decision fatigue and hello to an easy comprehensive policy. We started with comprehensive car insurance but that's just the beginning. Check it out here.

Keeping things simple, because why do it any other way?

illustration of a man reading an insurance policy

Managing insurance these days seems to be harder than passing a NASA exam. Why have multiple policies (all with different renewal dates, policy numbers, passwords, and internet logins) when we can have one policy to rule them all? One account. One log-in. Less passwords to remember. So you can insure, update, and find everything you need in one central place. It's like only needing the one poncho on a rainy day - not one for each part of your body. 'Cause that just doesn't make sense.

You can trust we've got you covered on a rainy day

illustration of a lady greeting a man

We're backed by Australia's largest general insurance Group, so you don't just need to take our mum's word that we know what we're doing (thanks though, Mum). You can see from our history (160 years in the biz and millions of customers covered #humblebrag) that we've had practice at this. You don't have to wait until the cows come home to get someone to pick up the phone and lodge your claim. We'll just get Kay-who-sits-near-the-coffee-machine onto it stat, and Dan-down-the-hallway to process the claim, and there'll be no wuckas.

And we're not done yet. Not even close!

illustration of two arms holding a hammer and wrench

Like what you see already? Well, it's only the beginning. We're here to (seriously) change up insurance - in a 'the-way-you-always-wanted-but-never knew-it' kind of way. We plan to build the things you want built, and keep developing the type of insurance that fits you, not the other way around. We've started with car insurance but we've got your whole life in mind. We're planning for home insurance next, and then who knows what's coming... pets, travel, hoverboards, you name it, we're thinking of it. We want to create insurance so good, you'll tell your mates about it - standard insurance-talk eye-roll not included.

Know you're covered

Experienced claims team there when you need them, 24/7 claims lodgement and online self service putting you in control.

  • Love the idea of only having one policy to rule them all.

    Michael Wong

  • Once you go Poncho, you won't go back. Found them helpful and reassuring.

    Hannah Pearson

  • Someone crashed into my car. Got paid out in 8 days, never seen before! Recommended.

    Jamie Legg

  • They made it very easy to toggle on and off insurance for my partner and kids. Works!

    Amanda Green

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