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    A win for us, is also a win for you, our customers. At Poncho, we are humbled to be the Winner of the 2020 Innovation Execution Award, Celent Model Insurer Awards (Global) and the Finalist for 2020 Insurer Innovation Award - Digital Insurer Award (Asia and ANZ).

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    Feel confident knowing you've got the backing of Insurance Australia Group (IAG) the name behind the nation's most trusted and respected brands. From NRMA, CGU, AMI and Lumley Insurance (New Zealand), IAG's business underwrites over $11 billion of premiums per annum and has been assigned a "Very Strong" Insurer Financial Strength Rating of "AA-" by Standard & Poor.

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We’re Poncho. A digital car insurer helping our customers be covered with easier, better, and smarter car insurance.

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What our customers say

  • “Very painless online process. Seems to be a fresh young team. Lots of extras for what you pay!”

    Trent T

    Sydney, NSW

  • “I personally like your monthly subscription which makes policies easy to manage on the go.”

    Hangerz L

    Sydney, NSW

  • “Going with Poncho was much cheaper and the process to get a policy was very simple, quick and seamless”

    James B

    Sydney, NSW

  • Here’s everything you need to know

    Want to review our PDS? Click here.

    • What makes Poncho different?

      One policy for multi-car households

      Apply for multiple cars and drivers under one policy. Simply assign drivers through our online portal and modify as needed.

      Keeping contribution, simple

      $800 for drivers on the policy, $3,000 when it's an unlisted driver. Bonus? You’ll only be charged once per claim. What does contribution mean?

      No lock-in’s, no cancellation fees

      A policy that works like a monthly subscription, with Poncho, be in the driver’s seat by being able to leave whenever you want with no 12 month lock-you-in contracts, no cancellation fees.

    • What are the 'extra covers' that are included?

      Emergency Travel & Accomodation

      Towing Costs

      Storage Cost

      Stolen Keys

      Lifetime Repair Guarantee on authorised repairs

      Essential emergency repairs following an incident

      New replacement car < 15,000km

      Trailer cover

      Replacement of baby seats and capsules

      Bonus includes:


      Windscreen, sunroof and window glass damage

    • What am I not covered for?

      Personal items

      Pre-existing damage

      Incident not in insurance period

      Hire, fare or reward


      Wear and tear

      Mechanical, structural, electronic or electrical failures


      Tools of trade

      Unsafe or unroadworthy

    • How do you choose your repairers?

      Great customer service, premium quality on repairs

      These are two things we look for when working with our quality network of repairers. So, while we may not offer a choice of repairer, we stand by the network’s quality and we give you a lifetime guarantee on all authorised repairs carried out through the network. Want more info? Check out Pg. 18 of our PDS.

24/7 online claim support from a human

We've made making a claim simple.

  • 1. Grab important details

    Names, addresses, phone numbers, licence details, the number plates of everyone involved and contact details of witnesses.

    2. Need your car towed?

    Give us a ring on 1300 230 601 if you need help or need your car towed as a result of an event we cover.

    3. Submit your claim

    Log into your Online Self Service Account, or call us on 1300 230 601 anytime to lodge a claim, and leave the rest to us. You’ll hear from us in a jiffy.

    4. We’ll do the following up

    With us striving to provide progress updates given at minimum, every 10 working days (or shorter!), we’ll be the first ones to give you the follow up.

  • You’re in good hands

Real-time update repairs

  • Quick & transparent

    Once received, your claim will be reviewed by our team, and from there, we'll strive to respond to you in one (1) business day.

  • Push Notifications

    Be updated with how your repair is going with real-time notifications via email or phone.

  • Claim Updates

    With our aim to provide you with your claim update within < 10 days, we'll be the one to do the follow-up.

Here is how we are making car insurance easier, better, and smarter

Payment structure

Monthly charge, like a subscription

Cancellation fees

Absolutely nothing

Popular extras included

For the full list, click here.

One policy for multi-car households
Choose car hire or other transport

$50 a day for up to 14 days, for more info, click here.

Life time guarantee on authorised repairs

While you own the car

24/7 Online Claims Support
Visual Guide to cover

To review, click here

Product Disclosure Statement

Here you can find the most recent PDS.

Car Insurance PDS v3

For all policies that started from 16 July 2020, or were renewed from 15 August 2020

View previous versions of the PDS

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