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Single Car Value is the amount we're insuring your car for because we don't like using terms like 'market value'. Instead, we provide you with a quote based on RedBook's valuation of your car and the number of kilometers you're expecting to drive and how old your car is. We'll put your Single Car Value on your Certificate of Insurance.

We will let you know in advance what your car's valued at, so there are no nasty surprises down the line. There may be some deductions at payout time (like if you owe a debt to a creditor, any unexpired rego, or contributions you made to claims or CTP insurance). (handy-dandy link provided) is Australia's favourite vehicle valuation and information website. RedBook provides vehicle specifications, valuation and pricing guides to the public, the automotive industry, insurance companies and governments.

#ButWhyThough? Kidding. Our focus is on rolling month-to-month insurance policies so you never have to worry about annual fees and lock-in contracts.

'Pay-by-the-month' is often an annual policy, with extra admin fees included for choosing this option, and cancellation fees if you decide to stop the insurance. 'Month-to-month' is where we send you a monthly renewal statement, so you can choose to renew (or not) with no cancellation fees!

Obviously we love the second one (and so do our mums - thanks, Mum) and we hope you do too!

If we offer to, we'll automatically renew your policy via direct debit or your nominated account, unless you tell us otherwise. We'll send you a transparent statement no later than 14 days before your current policy expires.

Just so you know, each renewal is a separate policy, and not an extension of the previous one.

We get sometimes you make new mates and forget to tell us. If someone you didn't tell us about in advance is the driver of the car at the time of loss or damage, the good news is that they are covered, just differently to the drivers you told us about. In this case, you'll be charged with unlisted driver excess of $3000, compared to $800 if they're listed.

So a hint hint on that one!

Yup! You sure can. You can add as many policyholders as you like.

Our comprehensive car insurance will cover you for loss or damage to your car caused by:

  • accidental collision
  • fires or explosion
  • theft or attempted theft
  • vandalism
  • storm, flood or water
  • lightning or hail
  • accident

Yup! Our Transport Benefit's already included in your policy, and we offer you two options:

  • We'll organise a similar car to rent for up to $50/day; or
  • Reimburse you up to $50/day for any type of alternative transport (train/Uber/the ever-elusive light rail)

Easy as. We'll cover you until your car's fixed, or it's been 14 days (whichever comes first).

It's already included for you! No excess needed. You just need to know that this benefit is limited to 1 claim per insurance period.

Also included! We'll reimburse you up to a total of $1,000 to replace any child seats or baby capsules, if it has been damaged or stolen as a result of an incident that's been listed in the PDS.

It's super simple! Like, if there was as simpler word for simple, we'd use it here. Just follow the steps on our Claims page.

Yes (for newbies only!)

If you're taking out a policy with us for the very first time, we'll give you a cooling off period of 14 days. The cooling off is also applicable on renewal when we make a change to the terms and conditions.

Nope, we don't offer Compulsory Third-Party (CTP) insurance.

If your car's a Total Loss (AKA a write-off) and has less than 15,000km on the odometer, we'll replace it with a similar new car, plus any accessories as on your Insurance Certificate. We'll also pay for 12 months rego and CTP insurance for the new car.

That's just the basic gist - to read about in more detail, check out the PDS.

If we determine your car is a Total Loss, we can either replace your car (if it has less than 15,000km on the odometer) or pay you the Single Car Value (you can use this to buy yourself a new car...or treat yourself to a holiday). To check out more about this, here's a link to the PDS.

You can make changes to your policy by logging into your Online Self Service Account.

You got questions, we got answers! This isn't exactly our area of expertise, but we asked around the office, and we recommend adding 1 cup of baking soda to 4 litres of water, and soaking your white clothes overnight.

Did you know this is one of the most Googled questions in the world? Neither did we until we were writing these answers.

But in case this one has been on your mind, the general advice is (*drumroll please*): YES. Turns out they're a great treat for most dogs and are full of vitamins and other good stuff. Just make sure the core and seeds are removed (very important), and they are cut into appropriate sized slices for your dog to chew.


Great question!

With Poncho, you have a monthly insurance policy that is auto-renewed on the date specified - you guessed it - monthly! Just like a subscription, there is one monthly premium and no ongoing lock-in policy arrangements, so you'll have more flexibility than a yoga-instructor*.

The process is simple (as it should be). We will email you a renewal notice each month, with the premium for the month ahead. If there's any changes to the contract, we'll tell you about those too! If we don't hear from you, we will auto-renew your policy on the specified date.

And the icing on the 'policy that is like a monthly subscription' cake? As it's a monthly product, all enhancements to the product are only a month away! No locking into a policy for a year, only to have something new released the month after that you missed out on.

*Ok, we can't guarantee the yoga instructor part, but we can guarantee it is really, really flexible insurance.

We work with a quality network of repairers Australia wide with a strong focus on customer service and quality of repairs. So while we don’t offer a choice of repairer, we do offer a lifetime guarantee on all authorised repairs carried out by our network

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