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Meet the people under (the) Poncho

What do you get when you take serious insurance know-how, mixed with a dash of new-school wizardry and tech-brilliance, a massive dose of that-made-my-day, worldly-as-heck charm, and backing of the team at Australia's largest insurance Group, IAG.


Just like you, we were tired of the traditional way of doing insurance. Stuff that made us sigh. Policies that didn't meet our needs. Cover that had zero flexibility. And mountains of boring paperwork that all of us can barely stay awake to read.

So we decided to do something about it.

We decided to (seriously) change it up and create the type of insurance that makes your day (and your life) better.

How exactly? Step inside and take a peek:

What we're doing

We called upon a dream team of people who are experts in their field but wanted to do insurance better. We fondly call them our Brainy Bunch, Tech Wizards and Customer Heroes, and they call each other some nicknames that wouldn't be appropriate to share.

Brainy Bunch

Aka our Pricing, Data, Underwriting and Product Enhancing Gurus.

Tech Wizards

Aka our developers and programmers, working their magic on all things tech!

Customer Heroes

Aka your best mates. The folks making your insurance journey an absolute dream.

But regardless of their titles, they all have one thing in common. They're real people, wanting to make better insurance for other real people. People like you.

And while we might work in our areas of expertise, we are bound through a joint vision and common goals. Our culture is collaborative. Supportive. We've made the type of place where people have each other's backs and where people are there to really help out. And it's this culture which means we can move faster, be more responsive and cut the red tape. A win-win for us and most importantly, for you.

How we're doing it

We're taking a fresh look at every aspect of insurance.

Our people are curious, dedicated, and driven to make this part of adulting better. After all, we could all do with a bit of peace of mind around living our lives to the fullest, couldn't we?

We're changing the industry, but not by cutting corners. We're dedicated to making cover that keeps you covered, and removing the parts making you duck for cover. No incoming policy-shock here!

We're on a mission to make the type of insurance you'd actually tell a mate about. In a good way. Because really, that's what we're here to do - make insurance that works so well for people, they want to brag about it.

the Poncho team in Sydney


The home of the Opera House, that big famous bridge, and the other local icons: our Sydney Poncho Peeps. Sydney is our head office, and if you pop by to visit, you'll find our team geeking out over creating the best cover possible and happily answering your calls and getting back to your questions. They also love a game of ping pong (or don't love it, if you're as unskilled as Tim) #sorryTim. Better luck next time, though.

the Poncho team in Melbourne


All the art, a really long river, and literally enough caffeine to power the entire world. And also, the other state treasures: our Melbourne Poncho Peeps. You'll find our Melbourne team nerding out over the technical stuff, helping you experience Poncho in the best way possible, and supporting you with all of your needs. Oh, and drinking coffee. Lots of it.

Want to join us?

If you like what you're reading, and you're sitting there nodding your head thinking 'these people get me', then we'd love to hear from you.

Reach out!
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