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6 services you should have as a monthly subscription in 2020

Guest Blogger - Olivia Gee, Mozo Money Writer, posted on 27 July 2020

There are some aspects of life which require long-term dedication – perhaps committing to a major savings goal or new canine family member. But in this day and age there’s a host of things which just work better when you pay and stay on a month-to-month basis.

As a personal finance writer at, I’m always looking for tips and tricks that’ll save me and my readers a buck or two.

Monthly subscriptions can be great for your wallet, especially in times of uncertainty (aka the year 2020). So, I’ve investigated a few things which you should definitely have as a subscription-style service right now – Poncho’s car insurance included.

Flower deliveries

Bringing the outdoors inside can be a great moral booster while we’re cooped-up, adhering to social distancing rules. I like to add colour to my living room/new working-from-home space via monthly flower deliveries.

Businesses like Bloombox, a Sydney and Melbourne-based flower delivery company, offer savings and fresher blooms through their subscription service. By ordering their weekly or monthly subscription, you’ll get unique bouquets of seasonal, farm-fresh flowers delivered to your door, bypassing higher storefront fees and added petal ageing. Best of all, you can pause, skip, change or cancel your order any time without penalties.

Grow-your-own veggies

I’m always keen for some edible greenery, so I’ve recently signed up for a monthly infusion of veggie and herb seeds with Easy Come Easy Grow. This is a fab service for novice vegetable patch owners, as seeds arrive via mail each month with growing instructions, so you’ll know how to plant the most seasonably appropriate varieties. The month-to-month subscription is a great option if you want to cautiously test out your green thumb, but you will pay a little less by signing up for longer periods.

Exercise classes

When it comes to workin’ on my fitness, I prefer to trial new classes or sports without pesky sign-up or cancellation fees. Having a monthly subscription for yoga and pilates classes through a studio like Happy Melon means I’ve got to give it a solid go – no quitting after waking up with aching abs – but I won’t lose dollars if I decide it just ain’t for me. And since they’ve got an online offering, I can get flexible in a flexible environment.

Freshly roasted coffee beans

If you’re grabbing a $4 cuppa most days, you could be paying around $120 every month for your caffeine hit! Cut that number in half by signing up for monthly make-at-home coffee packs.

There are heaps of options out there, but Coffee Selectors is a good place to start. They provide a rotating bean selection from Aussie roasters around the country. It’s tailored to suit your coffee-making facilities, whether you’re an espresso expert or dedicated to a hand grinder and filter routine. And there’ll be no dramas or fees if you need to cancel at any time.

Movie and TV streaming (duh)

From stream-queen Netflix to old dog Foxtel, almost every film and television streaming service now offers monthly-based membership. You can generally drop a service and get temporarily hitched to a new provider, no hard feelings (or hard fees). This means once I whizz through The Great on Stan, I can cancel at the end of my monthly term and switch over to Netflix for the new season of The Umbrella Academy. Winter viewing sorted.

Poncho’s ultra-flexible car insurance

Now we’ve come to the black sheep of the group: car insurance. As a sometimes-driver, I’m pretty comfortable with the concept of paying for car insurance annually. Sure, you can sometimes pay it month-by-month, but that often costs extra and quitting the policy could result in more fees.

At Poncho, they’re turning this rigid industry standard on its head.

Their car insurance works similar to a monthly subscription service, where you pay each month at no extra cost. While it’s not exactly the same situation as a standard monthly subscription service in that you get a new contract of insurance every month, the similarities are undeniable.

Unlike other insurers, there are no lock-in 12-month contacts, so there’s more room to roll with the punches and cancel cover if need be. Plus, with features like being able to add multiple drivers and cars to your policy whenever you like, and your choice of transport cover when your car is out of action during a claim – from a hire car to horse-drawn carriage – Poncho keeps flexibility at its core (like I could achieve if I stick to those yoga sessions).

The simplicity factor also shines through at Poncho. You’ll only ever be charged a single excess should you make a claim, and things which many insurers tack on as ‘optional extras’, like windscreen or glass repair, are part and parcel of your policy.

Generally, they treat customers like the changeable, unique humans we are. For example, Poncho temporarily offered a whopping 30% off premiums for all new and existing customers in response to people driving less during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

That’s a pretty classy move in my books.

So, why not get Poncho'd and find out how much you could save with a quote on car insurance today?

Author: Olivia Gee
Mozo money writer Olivia Gee is dedicated to sharing her money-saving tips and personal finance knowledge so everyone can save big on the basics and splurge on the fun stuff.

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