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Great Value Insurance With a Month-To-Month Contract - Say 'Hello' to Subscription-Style Insurance

Posted by AJ on

Monthly subscriptions are becoming a part of everyday life: there's tv-show-streaming, music-streaming, dollar shave clubs, book clubs, and even jazzy sock clubs.

Why do we love them? Because they give you what you want, when you want it. You can turn them on and off whenever you like, and your account is easily managed from your finger-tips.

So why not insurance?

Sure, insurance isn't exactly entertainment-on-demand, but it's a vital piece of the financial puzzle that we all need in our lives.

That's where Poncho steps in.

21st Century insurance policy more like a monthly subscription.

Oh. Sorry, up there in the back - did you have a question?

"I already pay for my insurance by the month"?

Ah, now that may be true, but the one you're signed up for is probably a one-year policy, that you're paying in monthly installments instead of in one go. You tried to get out of it, but there's a scary cancellation fee blocking your way.

The Poncho difference? Your insurance is renewed and paid for each month - keeping it super flexible and with no annual lock-in contracts or cancellation fees.

Poncho is essentially giving you the freedom to make changes - whenever and wherever you need to. You can have multiple cars and drivers on the same monthly comprehensive car policy. So if you need to swap out cars, or drivers, you can just jump online and update your account and the monthly policy price will automatically reflect it! We know, we're kind of amazing that way.

We're merging years of traditional insurance experience with the support of a 24/7 claims team, some amazing tech we can't wait to show off, and a new-age digital approach that makes flexible insurance policies possible.

You could say we're taking what we know works, and introducing it to the 21st century.

In the words of Bob Dylan, 'times, they are a changin'.

Say hello to insurance that you'd actually tell a mate about.

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