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Here are the 3 Ways We’re Supercharging Traditional Insurance in these Strange Times…

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So, you’ve landed here because you’re curious.

Perhaps this #ISOlife has got you questioning everything you thought you knew. Perhaps this extra down time has given you the opportunity to finally shop and compare around for alternative options in those day-to-day bills. Or, on the off chance that you are thinking about your car insurance? The value of it and how much you can potentially save during this time.

We get it.

And it’s for this very reason that we decided to put together this Blog. To show you how we at Poncho Insurance have pulled together the brightest insurance minds, to supercharge the traditional insurance that we all know, love, and rely on to deliver supercharged insurance that’s easier, smarter, better and most importantly? More flexible and cost-efficient, especially during these strange times.

At Poncho Insurance, we get that life happens. Which is why we’ve created car insurance that puts you in the driver’s seat, gives you flexibility and control, and fits you.

So, hold on to your seat.

Let us take you for a ride.

1. Subscription-style Inspired insurance putting You back in the Driver’s Seat

In 2020 it’s easy to find month-to-month subscriptions for pretty much… everything. Music, movies, wine, pet food, groceries. You name it, it’s possible.

So, we thought, why not with insurance?

At Poncho Insurance, we think a policy that is charged monthly and works similar to a subscription service, gives you not only freedom, but transparency and flexibility.

More than ever right now, we need control over our finances and transparency of knowing exactly what you’re getting and have signed up for. With a car policy you can pay month to month you get to tell us when you need cover and how long for.

You need cover for 3 months or 12 months? No problems, hop on board.
You want the flexibility to hit cancel and leave minus the cancellation fees? You got it.

Just need cover for a short period of time while you’re on a top-secret mission to save lives? We’ve got you.

While you may not be totally free to live life the way you want to right now (hello socially distanced exercise buddy), at least you can when it comes to your car cover.

Because life can change in a flash (Exhibit A: Rona), and while it’s one handy skill to have, we’re not going to make you pay up for not being a fortune teller.

Rain or shine. We know circumstances change and you don’t want to be locked in. That’s why we’ve made our cover flexible to fit in with these ever-changin’ times.

Here is the #brakedown:

  • You have a month-to-month agreement. Cancel or leave if you don’t need us, just like you would with any other subscription service.
  • You have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered one month when you need insurance, but you have no obligation to stay the next if your circumstances change.
  • You can look up car insurance rates whenever you please and switch and change whenever you want to. No hard feelings.
  • You never have to pay an exit fee. Never have, never will.

2. Simple Cover, for Complicated Times

One of the most up-in-the-air elements of insurance?

What you’re actually covered for.

That’s why we’re keeping excess simple with one choice and one choice only, and, we’ve automatically included some of the most requested extras.

Simplicity is our middle name. So, we’ve even made it easy for you to understand what you get with our svelte 26 page PDS (really!) and our Visual Guide to cover – a micro-website summary of what you need to know, in a fun and easy-to-read comic. (Comic nerds, eat your heart out)

Update: Visual guide is being rebuilt to be even easier to understand but will be back shortly

Here is the #brakedown:

  • Excess? $800 for all drivers listed on the policy. $3,000 for anyone else.
  • Some of your most requested extras like baby seats, windscreen damage, and trailer cover? Included. Boom.
  • While your car is being repaired for an insured event? You’ll get up to $50 a day for 14 days where we’ll cover any form of alternative transport, that’s hire car, bus, ride-sharing, or a magic carpet ride.
  • Lifetime guarantee on all authorised repairs. Once beautiful, always beautiful (just like you).
  • You’ll have online access to our 24/7 Claims Support crew round-the-clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year or 366 if it's a leap year.

3. One Policy to Rule Them All

That’s why we’re called Poncho after all.

It’s everything under the one cover.

Which means if you have a few drivers in your family, a few cars, or a few drivers of a few cars? All of you will be insured under the one policy.

No more confusion.

No more multiple log-ins.

No more one policy there for this. And one policy over there for that.

Just one policy, to rule them all.

Simply add the additional car, and driver when you’re getting your online quote.

Here is the #brakedown:

  • Got more than one driver? You need just one policy to insure everyone.
  • Got more than one car? You guessed it - you need just one policy to insure every car.

Voila. Easy, simple, all-in-one car insurance.

At Poncho? We make protecting against the uncertain not only reassuring, but easier, better, smarter and more flexible.

And we’re only getting started.

Keen to find out what we're working on under the hood?

Find out here.

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