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Psst. Did you know 89% of households in Australia own at least one motor vehicle? That's a lot of car owners face-palmed with complicated, not-so-flexible, jargon-filled insurance.

This makes us sad face. Which is why we decided to (seriously) change up car insurance.

PSSSSST: We've started with the changes below, but there's more to come. We're putting the brakes on insurance that makes you sigh and rewriting the route to simple, fluff-free, non-traditional policies - with you as our navigator. The Road Ahead

The Poncho Coverage

  • One policy to rule them all

    Have a few drivers, or a few cars, or a few drivers of a few cars? EASY! With Poncho, you can have as many cars and drivers on one policy. Just BYO family.

  • 'Get out of policy' free card

    If you want to change your policy or leave completely, our policies (that work just like a monthly subscription) have no lock-ins or cancellation fees. You get to keep what's left if we split. Let's still be friends though, yeah?

  • Car valuations by independent valuer

    Your car valuation is calculated using industry-leading valuer Redbook, and other data provided by you.

  • 24/7 claims support

    If you need to make a claim, we're available for you round-the-clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year or 366 if it's a leap year (*sings '30 days-has-September 'jingle in head*).

The extra goods, our treat

We know you're used to optional extras and having to pay an arm and a leg for them, so we decided to make life easier and just include them. No hidden catch.

  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs

    If you need repairs, we'll buddy you up with one of our Repair Partners in our network. By hand-picking our repairers, we keep fees low, which we know matters to you and, we'll give you a lifetime guarantee on all the repairs to your car. 'Cause as the wise song lyrics of Tom Cochrane go, "Life is a highway, and I wanna ride it all night long". And now you can, knowing you've got this guarantee.

    PS: Sorry for getting that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Lucky it's an absolute ripper.

  • Choose your own transport

    We like choose-your-own-adventures and think you do too. This is why we will either arrange a hire car for you for up to $50 a day or pay you up to the same amount to grab a ride-share or catch a train when your car is getting repaired or in the automobile hospital. We're not picky. Heads up though: if you hire the Batmobile, you have to tag us in the photos.

  • Keeping excess simple

    We find whole documents outlining contributions, aka excesses... well, excessive. So we've come up with a fool-proof formula: $800 for drivers listed on the policy, and $3,000 for anyone else.

  • Windscreen, sunroof or window cover included

    You break 'em, we fix 'em. No contribution, aka excess. Please don't actually try to break them though.

  • New replacement car

    If your car has done under 15,000km and we can't safely repair it, or it's been stolen and can't be recovered, you'll get a brand-new one on us.

While we like to be punny, we take our cover super seriously too

The policy covers loss or damage to your car caused by:

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    Accidental collision

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    Fires or explosion

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    Theft or attempted theft

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    Storm, flood or water

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    Lightning or hail

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