Claim it

    Step 1

    • Get yourself and your car to a safe place

    Step 2

    If the incident is reported to police make sure You note down where You made the report, the police officer's name, and the incident number.

    Report to police if:

    • Car has been stolen

    • Maliciously damaged

    • If anyone is injured

    Step 3

    • Grab other driver's details

    • Take a photo of the other driver's license

    • Take photos of damage

    • Grab witness details

    Step 4

    • Contact us

    What you must not do

    • Tell anyone the incident was your fault or talk about payments

    • Arrange repairs

    • Provide incorrect or false information

    Claims next steps

    • Car assessment

    • Provide proof of ownership

    • Questions

      Can you please explain how the accident happened?

    • Appointing others to represent you.

      You cannot appoint someone who has a conflict of interest

    Repair, replace or cash settlement

    We will settle you claim in one of three ways, depending on the damage to your vehicle

    • Repair your car

    • Replace your car

    • Cash payment for you to arrange repairs

    Credit provider rights

    You must tell Us if You have used Your Car as security for a loan with a credit provider. This may also apply if You lease or have a hire purchase agreement on Your Car. If you have a credit provider, We:

    • will treat the Car as being under a finance arrangement;
    • treat anything said or done or claimed by You as something said or done or claimed by the credit provider; and
    • may recover any payment in Your or the credit provider's name.

    If We pay Your claim for a Car under finance as a Total Loss, after We make any deductions We will then first pay the credit provider the lower of:

    • the Single Car Value; or
    • the balance owing to the credit provider under the finance arrangement.

    We will only pay the credit provider first if they give Us any help We ask for and You or the credit provider remove the Car from the Personal Property Security Register or similar register.

    Parts Policy

    Generally we use the following parts to repair Your Car. If Your Car is:

    • under 3 years old, We use genuine new parts (when reasonably available); and
    • 3 years or older, We use:
      • genuine new parts (when reasonably available); or
      • quality non-mechanical reusable parts.

    Regardless of Your Car's age, We may use non-genuine parts for windscreens, sunroofs, window glass, radiators and air conditioning components.

    • We only use non-mechanical reusable parts when it:
      • is consistent with the age and condition of Your Car;
      • does not affect the safety or the structural integrity of Your Car;
      • complies with Your Car manufacturer’s specifications and applicable Australian Design Rules;
      • does not adversely affect the way Your Car looks after it has been repaired; and
      • does not void or affect the warranty provided by Your Car’s manufacturer.

    Recovery Rights

    This part sums up what You’re agreeing to when We cover You under Your Policy.

    What We can do

    When You make a claim under Your Policy, You agree that We may:

    • take over and conduct in Your name the defence or settlement of any claim against You and We will have sole discretion in how the defence is conducted or a claim is settled;
    • proceed and recover in Your name against any party responsible for the loss or damage or liability and You must not do anything which limits Our right to do so; and
    • represent You at an inquest or official enquiry.

    You must not do anything that prevents Us from doing any of these things and You must give us all the information and cooperation that We require.

    What You can do

    You can only take a recovery action in relation to any loss, damage or liability relating to a matter under this Policy if We agree in writing to this. We may not provide consent and We may impose conditions on that consent. If We don’t provide consent, We can at any time take over conduct of, or require You cease, any recovery action taken by You.

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