Things change? Let us know

    We need to know of any changes to your circumstances which impact the policy.

    • New Car

    • Location of your vehicles

    • Modifications

    • Finance

    • Usage

    • Drivers

    Changes by us

    We will communicate any major changes made by us to your policy.


    All communications are electronic and will be communicated to all policyholders. Changes can be made by all policyholders.

    • Email

    • Online self service

    Contacting Us

    For any enquires Contact Us.

    Inappropriate behaviour

    You must be truthful and frank in any statement You make to Us and You must not behave in a way that is improper, hostile, threatening, abusive or dangerous (basically, no meanies please).

    Cooling off

    14 Day cooling off period. The cooling off period will not apply to renewals unless We change the terms and conditions of the Policy.

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