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    Cost of insurance

    The amount of money it costs to insure your vehicle(s) depends on a number of factors. These factors can change your renewal price even though your circumstances have not changed.

    • Type of vehicle and value

    • Age of vehicle

    • Location of your vehicles

    • Accessories and modifications

    • Finance

    • Drivers

    Your contribution to a claim

    A Contribution applies to all claims. However, there are some situations where You don't need to pay this. If:

    • You aren't at fault for the incident; or
    • Your Car was damaged while it was parked,

    and You can provide Us with the name, address, telephone number and registration number of the party at fault to the incident, You do not need to pay a Contribution to the claim. Easy as that.

    If We can recover the costs of Your claim from another person who was responsible for the incident, then We will also seek to recover Your Contribution.

    • Basic contribution:

    • Unlisted driver contribution:

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