Some legal stuff

    How we use your personal information

    The privacy of Your personal information matters to Us. We want You to be confident about how We use Your personal information.

    We collect this information so We can provide our quotes, products and services to You. We get this info from websites, emails, phone conversations, or when You write to Us.

    If You're not comfortable providing Us the stuff We ask for, We can't provide a quote or an insurance policy. It can also affect any claims You might make.

    The personal information We ask for will be used by Us and third parties who process information on our behalf.

    We also collect Your information so We can link You some related services that may be of interest to You. However, We can stop anytime You ask Us to.

    Want to learn more? Check out Our Privacy Policy. Alternatively, contact Us (section 2.6).

    Claims and GST

    The Premium for this Policy may include Goods and Services Tax (GST) and this amount will be shown on Your Insurance Certificate. Any claim payments under this policy also includes GST (including and relevant amount covered or the max We pay).

    Note: if You're entitled to claim any input tax credit (ITC) for repairs or replacement of insured property and other things, We'll reduce any claim under the insurance by the same amount as the ITC.

    Please let Us know of any entitlements to ITC You have.

    Financial Claims Scheme (FCS)

    If We ever become insolvent (touch wood please), don't stress. You may be entitled to payment under the Federal Government's Financial Claims Scheme (FCS). Access to the scheme is subject to eligibility criteria.

    Check out further information at

    Codes of Practice and Conduct

    If You want to check out the General Insurance Code of Practice We pride ourselves in having adopted, jump over to

    We also adhere to the Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct. If You've got some spare time, go check it out (, We hear it also gets some gears going.

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