What's not covered

    Policy exclusions

    • Carrying or storing explosives, flammable or combustible substances and liquids

    • Consequential losses that are of a financial or non-financial nature because You can't use Your Car or Trailer

    • Deliberate, malicious or criminal acts or misuse

    • Demonstrated for sale Unless you are a passenger

    • Depreciation

      We don't cover any depreciation or loss of Your Car or Trailer's value - for example, if Your Car or Trailer is worth less after an incident.

    • Drivers convicted or charged with driving offences

    • Drivers under the influence

    • Refusal of breath test

    • Further damage

    • Hire, fare or reward

    • Improper use of Car

    • Incident outside Insurance Period

    • Incorrect fuel type

    • Mechanical, structural, electronic or electrical failures If there's any mechanical, structural, electronic or electrical breakdown or failure of Your Car, it's not covered.

    • Off-roading

    • "Operation of the law We don't cover any loss or damage to Your Car or Trailer that happens because of lawful seizure of Your Car or Trailer including when illegally parked and towed away."

    • Outside of Australia

    • Overloaded car

    • Penalties and fines

    • Personal items

    • Pre-existing damage

      We don't cover any pre-existing damage or repairs for Your Car or Trailer

    • Sport and racing

    • Stock in Trade

    • We don't cover any loss, damage or liability from an act of Terrorism regardless of any other cause or event contributing concurrently or in any other sequence to the loss or any action in controlling, preventing, suppressing, retaliating against, or responding to any act of Terrorism.

    • Theft - when you fail to secure your car

    • Tools of Trade

    • Trade

    • Tyre damage

    • Unauthorised repairs

    • Undisclosed modifications, performance or illegal modifications

    • Unlawful use of Car or Trailer

    • Unlicensed driver (within 3 years)

    • Unregistered car

    • Unsafe or unroadworthy car

    • Unsecured load

    • War, riot, nuclear materials or asbestos

    • Vermin

    • Wear and tear

    • Whole set (Eg. Rims)

    Legal Liability

    Policy exclusions also apply.

    • Deliberate acts

    • Hire car

    • Bodily injury

    • Death

    • Family members, person living you or relatives

    • Penalties or fines or where awards for damages (aggravated, exemplary or punitive) is made

    • Affected by drugs or alcohol

    • Legal costs related to criminal proceedings, offences or fines, or breaches of road traffic rules

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