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The Road Ahead

We're taking the road less travelled

At Poncho, we're always on the look-out to uncover how we can do things better. While we've already taken away unnecessary complexities of a policy for each car (*ugh*) and lock-in contracts with no flexibility (*sigh*) and transformed our cover to a simple policy that works more like a monthly subscription (*cheers*) to cover all your drivers and cars under the one easy policy...

... to us, this is only the beginning.

'Cause our goal? Is to flip the script on every possible insurance that you might need. We plan to (seriously) forge a new path. And the best part? We want it shaped by YOU and your needs. We're totally geeking out over ideas here and can't wait to add yours to it.

So, over to you... What do YOU want from your insurance?

We're all ears.

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Buying a policy

  • Redbook car valuation

  • Personalised Pricing

  • Multi-Vehicle

  • Multi-Driver

  • Packaged Extras

  • Buy using just rego and licence

  • Endorse for a set period

  • Holiday mode

  • Multiple policies per policy holder

  • Retrieve quote

  • Third party fire and theft

  • Third party damage


  • Email

  • Chatbot

  • Live chat

  • SMS

Online functionality

  • Change policy

  • Desktop friendly portal

  • Download policy docs

  • Help

  • Make a claim online

  • Secure login

  • See outstanding payments

  • View policy

  • Cancellations

  • Change direct debit date

  • Change payment details

  • Pay without login

  • Save policy change for later

  • Show payment history and next payment

  • View active claims online


  • Monthly subscription policies

  • Multi-vehicles, 1 policy

  • Visual guide to product

  • Pay as you drive insurance

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